Your Board is Working for You, BUT Needs Your Input AND Support

Hello Fellow SSS Members!

Your SSS Board of Directors have been busy the past several months mapping out strategies and developing plans to expand the activities of the club. There are a lot of activities to get us all together more frequently, and to spend more time talking and launching rockets. We are working to increase the opportunities for all members to launch rockets- whether your thing is competition, A,B,C, & D rockets, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 rockets, or beyond. We are working to develop partnerships to support the club’s activities. We welcome our member’s inputs- to that end, we want to extend an invitation to any member to attend not only the club’s monthly Membership meeting, but also the BoD meeting. BoD meetings occur the first Wednesday of the month. The general Club Member meeting will be the second Wednesday of the month. Please check out the Club Calendar, a link to which can be found on the left-hand side of the webpage, and click on the date to see the details of what, where, and when the event will occur. We will be moving the meetings around to various locations around the valley, to allow more of our members who may not be able to travel long distances to attend more frequently.

We have a lot of ideas for committees, but we will need our membership to come out and support our common vision to  achieve healthy, active club participation. We have some ideas for group build sessions, workshops, How-To’s, design sessions, etc. If you have rockets you are particularly proud of, and would like a chance to exhibit them in public, there will be opportunities to do so at the county and state fairs this year. If you are thinking of visiting other county fairs around the state, let us know, and we’ll coordinate your visit with the fair, and get some exhibit space reserved that will be attended and your birds supervised.

Guy and Chris have been busy securing launch permissions for local park launches in several of the cities in The Valley- check out the calendar for launch events and launch locations. Guy has been busy updating this site to show launch locations and conditions under which one can launch. If your schedule is too mixed-up to be able to make a club launch, Guy has also been working to determine which launch areas allow individuals to fly, and what is necessary to reserve park areas for such use. We have other launch opportunities in the works for those wishing to fly higher impulse rockets, and are working on partnerships with clubs, individuals, and organizations to increase our options for launch activities. The sky IS the limit- we only need apply ourselves to achieve our goals. 

Please plan to check out the latest calendar and make plans to attend the events and HAVE A BLAST!!

Happy Flying,

Shane Justice 

2014 Club Treasurer

NAR and Tripoli Member