What’s Happening With the Tripoli Prefecture?

Some of our members may be wondering what is going on with our club’s Tripoli affiliation- I am wondering that, too. The SSS Board approached Tripoli in January to make our case for re-establishment of a Tripoli Prefecture after Scott Hertel took the prefecture, along with several of the board, who vacated their newly-elected positions within the club to follow the Prefect.

The Tripoli Board considered our request for a new Prefecture, but denied it, on the grounds there were too many prefectures in the Phoenix area. One would think that a national organization would be pleased as punch to have as many Prefectures as possible, but for some reason, this isn’t Tripoli Board’s thinking. I understand Scott Hertel attempted to have a new prefecture established for his use (or to replace Tripoli 47 for SSS), but his request was denied. The Tripoli Board is consistent, but I for one, don’t understand the thinking.

If you are a Tripoli member, and as confused about what has happened with Tripoli 47, and why we can’t have another prefecture as I am, I encourage you to contact the Tripoli Board of Directors and ask them to recognize the SSS as a Tripoli-affiliated Prefecture.

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