We Are Back From Colorado!

Well, NARAM 56 is in the books and it was quite an event. Although the SSS club was only represented by four flyers, we, as a club did very well. Attending the event was Ken Sparks, Guy Smith, Jonathan Dunbar, Matt Steele and myself, Geoffrey Kerbel.

Ken was an unofficial one man cheering section and kept up an appearance on the sport range letting the other flyers know about the SSS club.

Guy flew in one event only and managed to tie for third in it! Not only was that outstanding but his flight was better than some of the most experienced flyers in the country! Which only goes to prove that ANYONE who is a member of the NAR can participate in contest events and do just fine with their models. Which leads up to the news that NARAM 57 is going to be held in Tucson, AZ next year. If you are a NAR member and wish to fly with other club members in the upcoming contest events please join in the fun. You don’t have to fly in every event, as Guy proved but the more you do, just means more points for the club. This may be the best time we will have to take back the National Section Champion trophy one more time! The events are already planned out and most take simple rockets to fly.

The contest results and champions of the meet and national standings can be found on the NAR website, the NARAM 56 website or even better, on naramlive.com. Chris does a slam dunk job of covering the entire event with pictures and videos!

With Guy flying only one event, the rest was up to Jonathan, Matt and myself to get points for the club and we did just fine! Matt flies as part of a team (The Pod Bay Doors) but the team points still count toward the club. We were all doing quite well for the first few events and then things started to go downhill. Even rockets that we had flown successfully during the local events seemed to have minds of their own and either failed or just didn’t do as well as they could. My high point was in FAI A-PD where for the first time ever, my model was tracked for a max on the time for its first flight. As luck would have it, that was also its last flight as I watched it disappear over the tree line, not to be found. Jonathan had a beautiful multi-engine staged flight with his concept scale entry as did the Pod Bay Doors. The weather did more damage than any of the rockets but the contest was flown to its conclusion.
The best part of the whole meet was that even with only four flyers at the event, the SSS club managed to place fourth overall in the contests. Thanks to the other club members that sent rockets for us to fly at the local events as proxy flights, the club also took home a fourth place National Champion trophy!! Way to go SSS!

Thanks go to Moe Bertrand and Terry O’Brien, just to name a few for helping the club get that trophy! So come on club people! Let’s take first place again, NARAM is on home turf and we can do it!!