Trailer Committee needed

Folks, we’re heading into a really good flying season. With the BLM permit firmly in place for the Hope launch site in September, our ongoing launches and upcoming GHS at our Airstrip site in October, we are back on track to have regular scheduled HP launches at our sites.

A little History:

Since the unexpected loss of the Rainbow valley site to development by Both SSS and AHPRA, The SSS BoD has worked for nearly two years to find, secure, and develop TWO sites for HP Flying. Both of these sites are within 8 miles of each other, but in different BLM Jurisdictions, so we have full backup now if anything happens like what happened at Rainbow Valley and we lose a site due to ground related issues. We simply use the “Other” one.

The New Sites:

A lot of footwork has gone into searching, driving, visiting, and negotiating the use of these new sites. We now have two very good sites for the foreseeable future:

     Hope has a waiver of 10,000 MSL (8,400 AGL), a higher Standing Waiver than Rainbow valley, and

     The Airstrip with a 6,400 MSL (5,000 AGL) limit.

Both fully HP sites, we are poised to be in good shape for HP flying for the foreseeable future, FAA notwithstanding.

September Activities:

We will be camping at the Hope site this September and bringing the new trailer and a lot of items to sort, fix, clean, and renew. We need a few volunteers to help out with setting things up in the new trailer, and to help with our new equipment. The club has purchased new Indian Fire pumps, and the more people who are trained and familiar with these the better.

Going forward:

SSS is committed to serving our members and we have not stopped with just two sites. We are actively scouting other sites south and east of the metro area to further ensure we have alternates in the event that we lose another site.

If anyone wants to help out with the trailer upgrade activities, come out and join us friday, September, 11 and enjoy the weekend with us. We will be flying on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you haven’t been to the Hope site, you are in for a very nice weekend.