SSS Officers Election Next Wednesday!

Well the State Fair is in the books and it appears to be a good success. We had many visitors, asking  lots of good questions and hopefully some new members to sign up to the club.
GHS was a bust at Red Lake but the BOD has put into motion the requests for the new launch site waivers and BLM permits and all is proceeding smoothly. With any luck, we may be launching all types of rockets at the new range by next month!
Remember to make the next members meeting this month for the nominations and elections of the new or renewed board members that YOU want to lead the club! There will be some turnovers of officers for next year so get your votes in for the members you want at this next meeting! We are all part of this great club and we need EVERYONE to help lead us into 2015!
Next year, NARAM will be in Tucson, AZ and we have a great opportunity to become Section Champions once more! The event schedule and events to fly are being hammered out even now and there is opportunity for everyone to join in the fun and help the club earn points for the championship!
I wish to state at this time that my time as Member at Large is coming to an end. I have enjoyed my time on the BOD helping to make the club as good as can be and helping club members achieve the goals they have asked me to help them with. Please attend the election meeting so that we may get good people to fill my shoes and any others that will be needed to move the club forward.
NAR 85416 L3