Launches are generally Friday through Sunday. Class 1 can be flown Friday through Sunday. Class 2 Rockets (Waivered) can be flown Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and Sunday From 9:00AM to Noon. Special circumstances may be accommodated. Please contact a BoD member for support.

Camping is open at all launches


– 20th thru 22nd

October (G Harry Stine Memorial Launch)
– 25th thru 27th

– 15th thru 17th

December (Kofa Site)
– 20th thru 22nd


January (Kofa Site)
– 17th thru 19th

February (Kofa Site)
– 21st thru 23rd

March (SpringBlast! –  Kofa Site)
– 20th thru 22nd

April (Kofa Site)
– 17th thru 19th

May (Kofa Site)
– 15th thru 17th