President’s Post – January 2015

Happy New Year!  This is just a note to update you on what has been going on the last few months.  Club elections have been held, yours truly remains as SSS President and NAR Section Advisor, Ken Sparks remains as SSS Vice-President, Chris Choffat remains as Secretary and adds on the duties of Treasurer (Shane Justice has stepped down as Treasurer)and Chad Ellis is the new Member-at-Large (Geoffery Kerbel has stepped down as Member-at-large).  Congratulations to thenew and returning officers and a big thank you for your service to the club to those officers that have stepped down.

Last December we had four certification flights in December and this January we had one certification flight. All were successful! Congratulations to Milan, Sarah, Kelsie and Frank for completing their Level 1 flights.

We have sent in our NAR Section renewal forms for 2015. We have received our BLM permit for the Hope Site which is good for March through December. The next renewal will allow us to extend our use for up to 10 years, the first year being probationary in nature. We held our first 2015 comeptition launch January 17th and was it an incredible day!

Our next scheduled launches are in Mesquite Groves Park, February 21st and the Airfield Site, February 28th (this may be limited to Class 1 rockets only pending FAA Waiver approval for this date). Class 1 rockets are any rocket that weighs 3.3lbs fully loaded and includes a limit of 125gms of propellant (~a baby H).  The Phoenix Regional Meet #42 will be conducted at the Airfield Site, February 28th – take a look at the events planed and bring a rocket or six to enter into the competition, note that points can only be earned by current NAR members.

We are now accepting membership renewals for 2015 – current 2014 memberships expire 4/1/2015.

The club has acquired a storage spot for our club trailer not even 15 miles from the Hope launch site, this reduces the logistics required in supporting the Hope Site weekend launches. Per our agreement with BLM, port-a-jons will be on-site for the Hope weekend launches.  We have purchased a storage box for reloads so that the club can do group buys and be able to store the reloads for the members convenience.

MARS and SSS are planning on the regional SpringBlast! launch as a joint launch to be located at the Red Dry Lake site in Kingman, AZ.  The joint club launches have been very successful so we will continue this relationship for our regional launches for the time being.  Note that unlike last year, MARS has moved their dates to the same weekend as the scheduled Hope Site launches, this allows us to change location should Red Dry Lake be water-logged. The flyer will list both sites with the Kingman Site being the primary launch venue and the Hope Site as the alternate. There will be at least a weeks notice should the venue change from the primary to the alternate.

Last but not least NAR is sponsoring safety grants again this year for the sections of up to $250 for club safety upgrades, we are currently assessing the club needs and will be applying for this grant.   If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Hope to see all of you at our next launches!