New Things Afoot!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and close friends! This is a good time of year to be thankful for what we have, and consider plans for future events which give us thanks. I know I am thankful for the SSS club and all those who have befriended me in my three short years of being a member. Due to a lot of very helpful advice from my SSS friends, I have achieved all the goals I have set for myself over these past three years. There’s much more ahead- this is one of the most exciting hobbies I have ever enjoyed, and I’ve collected many, many hobbies in my life, so far. I know many of our club members have made significant achievements of their own. I’d like to hear about them! I am also interested in assisting others with the development of their rocketry skills, capability and confidence. With these thoughts in mind, please consider the following notes on recent events, and how we all might participate in our rocketeering futures.

The SSS meeting a few weeks ago bodes well for the future of the club. There was a round-table meeting after the BoD meeting that was quite lively and informative! The Board is very interested in rejuvenating the club, and has several new ideas under consideration for making our club more like other clubs we all admire. We discussed what it is we like about some of the other club’s launches, and what we can do to emulate those positive traits. We are thinking about expanding the club’s social programs and developing activities that all us club members would enjoy.

This is a formative, or perhaps I should say re-formative time for our club. There are a lot of good things about our club that we all would like to see become great things.

If you haven’t been to a club meeting in a long time, please consider coming to this December 7th Club meeting- besides kicking around your ideas about what you’d like to see the club do to be the club everyone in the Phoenix Metro area wants to belong to, we have a very important election to replace those officers who have chosen not to serve their 2014 term.
If you’d like to have your opinions heard on what you think is a great idea for the club, This will be your first chance to get your ideas into the mix for the 2014 year.

There are a lot of activities planned to help the club move forward- launch site acquisitions, club meeting planing sessions, club get-togethers- movie nights, dinner parties, hikes, design sessions, build sessions, new-rocketeer clinics are just some of the ideas that were put on the table for considerations.

If you didn’t like the club philosophy of closed board meetings, you just may like the new club philosophy of open board meetings, where members can have their opinions heard on any topic.

So, please consider carving out the afternoon of December 7th to come to the December meeting and participate in YOUR club’s new direction!

Looking forward to seeing all our members at the meeting!

Best Regards,