Happy New Year!  This is just a note to update you on what has been going on the last few months.  Club elections have been held, yours truly remains as SSS President and NAR Section Advisor, Ken Sparks remains as SSS Vice-President, Chris Choffat remains as Secretary and adds on the duties of Treasurer (Shane Justice has stepped down as Treasurer)and Chad Ellis is the new Member-at-Large (Geoffery Kerbel has stepped down as Member-at-large).  Congratulations to thenew and returning officers and a big thank you for your service to the club to those officers that have stepped down. Last December we had four certification flightsRead More →

All, Matt Steele (our contest director for this year) has finalized the events for our four regional competitions. I have updated the NAR Competition page with these events, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, GuyRead More →

Folks, we have heard from the BLM. The permits are in work but we cannot use the site for the months of January or February due to the big horn sheep breeding season. The next available waivered date is in March. This is too close to Desert Heat and SpringBlast! regional launches to be considered for GHS. We are deeply disappointed in not being able to show case our new waivered site as an alternate GHS launch for its inaugural launch but look forward to the future use of this site. We have included the MARS and SARA launches on our calendar if you needRead More →

Folks, if you recently sent correspondence to the SSS Club PO box and had it returned, please resend. There was a problem with the PO Box and it has been corrected.Read More →

We had about 15 people out at our new site this weekend. The weather was great. A little drizzle Friday night about midnight, then clear skies with some wind off and on the rest of the weekend. The first launch was My Estes PSII Nike Smoke on a G-80. With a large chute and a gust of wind, that puppy floated about a mile away, but was recovered and ready to fly again, and I found a full curl mountain goat skull as a bonus! Photos https://sssrocketry.com/gallery-1/a-new-hope-december-2014-launch/ If you stayed home because of weather, remember, this site is 100 miles away, so weather in Phoenix is notRead More →

All, We were literally a day away from receiving our BLM permit for our new Hope site when there was a hold placed by BLM due to the lack of a cultural survey. This survey should be completed in December. As a consequence we will miss our opportunity to use our December waiver at the Hope site for GHS. The BLM has indicated that the January date is doable. The calendar and launch schedule have been updated and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide more detailed information as it becomes available. The BLM has been very helpful in this process and weRead More →

Thanks to hard work by Ken and Guy, and a little help from Shane and Chris, SSS now has a launch field near Hope, Arizona! The site is located North of I-10 Exit 53, approximately 90 miles West of Phoenix, on I-10. See the GHS flier for navigation details. This area is primitive, but it easy to access with a normal two-wheel-drive car or pickup. Ground clearance isn’t too much of an issue as long as one uses common sense and drives carefully. The area is very interesting, and will support a large number of participants and spectators. Attendees will need to bring water andRead More →

We have an opportunity to submit a group buy for high power motors from Bay Area Rocketry for both AeroTech and Cessaroni motors. Unfortunately, the time line is short- in order to get the motors by GHS, we have to oder AT motors by this Wednesday 11/12, and CTI motors by this Friday 11/14. Mike at BAR tells me that He can fill common motor sizes and popular propellants from stock, but if you need something special, or a large quantity, he will be ordering them from AT, and having them drop-shipped to the SSS club, thus you can share in the hazmat fee, asRead More →

Well the State Fair is in the books and it appears to be a good success. We had many visitors, asking  lots of good questions and hopefully some new members to sign up to the club. GHS was a bust at Red Lake but the BOD has put into motion the requests for the new launch site waivers and BLM permits and all is proceeding smoothly. With any luck, we may be launching all types of rockets at the new range by next month! Remember to make the next members meeting this month for the nominations and elections of the new or renewed board membersRead More →