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CTI Motors!!!

Posted by Chris Choffat on April 5, 2018
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We have a stock of motors for the upcoming launches. This is the list as of 12/12/18. It will be updated after each launch. If the sales go well, we will continue to stock what is popular. All motor sales profits go to support the club activities.

Item Qty in Stock    Price
I350SS 38-5 Grain Reload Kit  2  $65.00
I540WT 38-5 Grain Reload Kit 1 $65.00
J285CL 38-5 Grain Reload Kit  2 $65.00
I255RL 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $55.00
I242WH 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  2  $55.00
I285CL 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  2  $55.00
I287SS 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $55.00
I470WT 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $55.00
I345WT 38-3 Grain Reload Kit  3  $45.00
I175WH 38-3 Grain Reload Kit  1  $45.00
I55MY 38-3 Grain Reload Kit  2  $45.00
H123SK P29-4 Grain Reload Kit  2  $32.00
H255WT P29-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $32.00
H42MY P29-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $32.00
G33MY 29-3 Grain Reload Kit  4  $25.00
G125RL P29-3 Grain Reload Kit  3  $25.00
H87IM P29-3 Grain Reload Kit  1  $26.00
G118BS P29-3 Grain Reload Kit  4  $25.00
H90CL P29-3 Grain Reload Kit  2  $25.00
G125RL P29-3 Grain Reload Kit  1  $24.00
Pro 38 2-Grain Case 1  $35.00
Pro 38 3-Grain Case 1  $40.00
Pro 38 4-Grain Case 1  $45.00
Pro-29 3Grain Case, closure, spacers, Pro DAT and centering Ring 1  $60.00

Generator Use on BLM Land

Posted by Chris Choffat on March 29, 2018
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IF you plan to use a Generator at the Launch, The BLM has new requirements regarding containment

ALL Generators MUST have secondary containment sufficiently sized to capture all fluids (fuel, oil, etc.) contained within the generator itself. A sturdy shallow tote or cement mixing pan is sufficient.

Going forward, we will be checking for this at the launches. You may purchase these pans at Home Depot or Lowes. The club will have a few for sale in the trailer on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not follow this, you will NOT be able to use a generator at the launches.

Gensets located within RV’s and Travel Trailers with permanent fuel connections are considered contained and do NOT require secondary containment.

Also, remember, Generator quiet hours are 10pm to 8am unless the night temps are over 90 degrees, then it is permissible to run them all night. 

Tent Campers, be aware if you setup next to an RV, you may hear a generator.

Contractor generators are not recommended due to their excess noise. Inverter or RV generators are preferred.

New Waiver in the Works

Posted by Chris Choffat on February 6, 2018
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Folks, We’re working on a revised waiver to allow night launch. This will also include a move about a mile south of the airfield to a nice flat area past a small mountain, out of site from I-10. Waiver should be about the same, but the addition of Night launches for SpringBlast! and GHS is highly anticipated.

Stay Tuned!

Airfield Waiver 2018

Posted by Chris Choffat on August 28, 2017
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The FAA has renewed our Salome Airfield Waiver with an improvement. We now have the ability to schedule launches any day of the week. If you have a special need, please contact a member of the BoD at least 3 weeks in advance to coordinate a special activity.


Standing waiver is still 10K with call-in’s to 16K.


We’re still working on alternate sites closer to town. Our bid for two sites in Rainbow Valley and one near Maricopa were turned down due, in part, to increased Air Force activity, and a general realignment of commercial traffic. We’re still working on it, and have a direct line to a very helpful individual at the FAA now, so if you have coordinates, please don’t hesitate to share them and we can see what we can do.


The site near Maricopa was to have running water bathrooms and joint operations with SARA. We learned two main things from the members when we sent out the last survey: Closer Site and Better Bathrooms, so we are working on it!

Update: We are looking out near Arizona City for closer sites.

Happy Flying

Chris Choffat


2017 Officer Election Results

Posted by Chris Choffat on November 11, 2016
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A New Board was elected at GHS. We welcome Joe Henkemeyer as our Member at Large. Former MaL Chad Ellis will be the Treasurer, Marc Casanova remains as the Secretary, former Treasurer Chris Choffat becomes the Vice President, and Guy Smith remains the President.

We had good feedback from the member survey sent out, and we hear you loud and clear, the sites are just too far for monthly day trips. Thank you all who responded.

We have some pretty exciting close-in sites on the list for review. We have been scouting sites nearly every weekend since the weather has cooled off.

We are hoping that as the club continues to grow, and with the potential newer, closer launch sites, (yes, plural) we hope attendance at launches increases.

In the interim, we will be reducing the amount of launches from Monthly to bi-monthly or even quarterly, as renting a $150 toilet for 1-2 flyers does not make financial sense.  As such, there will be NO December Launch this year. When attendance resumes, that will be reviewed.

501(c)(3) Status

Posted by Chris Choffat on March 12, 2016
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SSS is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any donations to the club, be them cash or materials are tax deductible. If you wish to donate anything, please contact any member of the Board to arrange and we will provide the proper receipt.

MARS has a Waiver!

Posted by Guysmith on January 13, 2016
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Today, MARS announced that they have finally gotten their FAA waiver for the Red Dry Lake site. The waiver is for the second Saturday of the month and has an altitude of 5000ft AGL (7700ft MSL). It will be good for the rest of this year. MARS continues to look for alternate sites with higher waiver potential but they are back in operation. Congratulations guys! We look forward to attending your launches this summer when things heat up down here in Phoenix.

Day launch at the Airfield

Posted by Ken Sparks on September 19, 2015
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It was a small crowd (4 total) but clear skies and a very light breeze, and lots of fun. We had around a dozen flights, including the first flight under our call-in waiver to 16,000 ft. Geoffrey had the honor of making that flight. Joe had “closest to the launch pad” landing, and Marc had his first-ever case failure that resulted in the lowest-altitude flight of the day. Marc will post the statistics, sometime soon.

Great News! Waiver updates are in place!

Posted by Guysmith on September 10, 2015
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Superstition Spacemodeling Society has obtained renewed waivers for both the Hope Site and the Airfield Site. The Hope Site remains at 10,000ft MSL (8,400ft AGL). The Airfield Site has been expanded from 6400ft MSL (5000ft AGL) to 10,000ft MSL (8,600ft AGL) with call-ins for 16,000ft MSL (14,600ft AGL). The actual altitudes used by the club will be dictated by the wind conditions since I-10 is only 2 miles north of the Airfield Site.

The Airfield Site will be the location for this year’s GHS, the date will be October 16th thru 18th.

It has been a long struggle to get these sites approved by both BLM and the FAA but it has been well worth it! SSS continues to scout other locations in an effort to prevent the situation that occurred after the loss of the Rainbow Valley site. This has been mitigated considerably by having two viable sites in hand, each governed by a different BLM office.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

Superstition Spacemodeling Society
NAR Section 506

Trailer Committee needed

Posted by Chris Choffat on July 7, 2015
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Folks, we’re heading into a really good flying season. With the BLM permit firmly in place for the Hope launch site in September, our ongoing launches and upcoming GHS at our Airstrip site in October, we are back on track to have regular scheduled HP launches at our sites.

A little History:

Since the unexpected loss of the Rainbow valley site to development by Both SSS and AHPRA, The SSS BoD has worked for nearly two years to find, secure, and develop TWO sites for HP Flying. Both of these sites are within 8 miles of each other, but in different BLM Jurisdictions, so we have full backup now if anything happens like what happened at Rainbow Valley and we lose a site due to ground related issues. We simply use the “Other” one.

The New Sites:

A lot of footwork has gone into searching, driving, visiting, and negotiating the use of these new sites. We now have two very good sites for the foreseeable future:

     Hope has a waiver of 10,000 MSL (8,400 AGL), a higher Standing Waiver than Rainbow valley, and

     The Airstrip with a 6,400 MSL (5,000 AGL) limit.

Both fully HP sites, we are poised to be in good shape for HP flying for the foreseeable future, FAA notwithstanding.

September Activities:

We will be camping at the Hope site this September and bringing the new trailer and a lot of items to sort, fix, clean, and renew. We need a few volunteers to help out with setting things up in the new trailer, and to help with our new equipment. The club has purchased new Indian Fire pumps, and the more people who are trained and familiar with these the better.

Going forward:

SSS is committed to serving our members and we have not stopped with just two sites. We are actively scouting other sites south and east of the metro area to further ensure we have alternates in the event that we lose another site.

If anyone wants to help out with the trailer upgrade activities, come out and join us friday, September, 11 and enjoy the weekend with us. We will be flying on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you haven’t been to the Hope site, you are in for a very nice weekend.