We have a stock of motors for the upcoming launches. This is the list as of 12/12/18. It will be updated after each launch. If the sales go well, we will continue to stock what is popular. All motor sales profits go to support the club activities. Item Qty in Stock    Price I350SS 38-5 Grain Reload Kit  2  $65.00 I540WT 38-5 Grain Reload Kit 1 $65.00 J285CL 38-5 Grain Reload Kit  2 $65.00 I255RL 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $55.00 I242WH 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  2  $55.00 I285CL 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  2  $55.00 I287SS 38-4 Grain Reload Kit  1  $55.00 I470WT 38-4 GrainRead More →

IF you plan to use a Generator at the Launch, The BLM has new requirements regarding containment ALL Generators MUST have secondary containment sufficiently sized to capture all fluids (fuel, oil, etc.) contained within the generator itself. A sturdy shallow tote or cement mixing pan is sufficient. Going forward, we will be checking for this at the launches. You may purchase these pans at Home Depot or Lowes. The club will have a few for sale in the trailer on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not follow this, you will NOT be able to use a generator at the launches. Gensets located within RV’s and TravelRead More →

SSS is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any donations to the club, be them cash or materials are tax deductible. If you wish to donate anything, please contact any member of the Board to arrange and we will provide the proper receipt.Read More →

Today, MARS announced that they have finally gotten their FAA waiver for the Red Dry Lake site. The waiver is for the second Saturday of the month and has an altitude of 5000ft AGL (7700ft MSL). It will be good for the rest of this year. MARS continues to look for alternate sites with higher waiver potential but they are back in operation. Congratulations guys! We look forward to attending your launches this summer when things heat up down here in Phoenix.Read More →

It was a small crowd (4 total) but clear skies and a very light breeze, and lots of fun. We had around a dozen flights, including the first flight under our call-in waiver to 16,000 ft. Geoffrey had the honor of making that flight. Joe had “closest to the launch pad” landing, and Marc had his first-ever case failure that resulted in the lowest-altitude flight of the day. Marc will post the statistics, sometime soon.Read More →

Superstition Spacemodeling Society has obtained renewed waivers for both the Hope Site and the Airfield Site. The Hope Site remains at 10,000ft MSL (8,400ft AGL). The Airfield Site has been expanded from 6400ft MSL (5000ft AGL) to 10,000ft MSL (8,600ft AGL) with call-ins for 16,000ft MSL (14,600ft AGL). The actual altitudes used by the club will be dictated by the wind conditions since I-10 is only 2 miles north of the Airfield Site. The Airfield Site will be the location for this year’s GHS, the date will be October 16th thru 18th. It has been a long struggle to get these sites approved by bothRead More →

Folks, we’re heading into a really good flying season. With the BLM permit firmly in place for the Hope launch site in September, our ongoing launches and upcoming GHS at our Airstrip site in October, we are back on track to have regular scheduled HP launches at our sites. A little History: Since the unexpected loss of the Rainbow valley site to development by Both SSS and AHPRA, The SSS BoD has worked for nearly two years to find, secure, and develop TWO sites for HP Flying. Both of these sites are within 8 miles of each other, but in different BLM Jurisdictions, so we haveRead More →

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has approved the Special Recreation Permit for the Hope launch site. This site is north of I-10 at the same exit as Airstrip site, but several miles to the north. Our FAA waiver for this site is 8,400 feet AGL, and the nearest structure or paved road is over 3 miles away. Our first waivered launch at the Hope site will be Saturday and Sunday, September 12 and 13. Camping is permitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Sept. 11, 12, and 13. Details will follow.Read More →

All Hope Site operations are suspended until further notice.  The BLM cultural survey approval has been withdrawn.  This is incredibly disappointing to say the least.  The cultural survey requires a local indian tribe review which can take anywhere from 45 to 60 days.  If the approval is granted then we will continue the process for getting a permit for the site.  In the mean time, we are pursuing other options for a site that will allow us a higher waiver than the one we have at the Airfield Site.  Unfortunately, the MARS group has not had their waiver renewed either, so there is little chance ofRead More →

The BLM Permit for the Airfield Site has been approved through September of this year.  We are starting the cycle for the application process for the next year.  The BLM Permit for the Hope Site is still in-work.  The BLM office that controls the Hope Site is issuing a provisional permit for the April weekend dates.  They will have a representative on site to verify that we work to the operations plan we filed and based on their observations they will then issue a permit for the year.  Let’s show them how it is done! GuyRead More →