Gilbert City Parks

Gilbert has three parks where model rocketry is allowed.

Gilbert park rules must be followed:

Sec. 46-44. – Regulations for allowable model rocketry.

(a) National Association of Rocketry (NAR) safety code is to be observed in launching model rockets in town parks (i.e., engine size and launch site dimension coordination, angle of launch, wind velocity, ignition system, audible countdown, etc.);

(b) Rocket engines size “E” and larger are banned from launching in town parks;

(c) Rockets larger than 16 ounces are banned from launching in town parks;

(d) Rockets must be supervised and launched by persons of a responsible age and attendance at a Gilbert PARKS AND RECREATION department model rocket course or similar safety course is encouraged;

(e) Size “C” and “D” engines can only be launched in large open areas of the district parks (Freestone, Crossroads, McQueen) with strict adherence to the NAR safety code;

(f) No rocket launches are allowed in district TOWN parks on or near sports fields while town sponsored, approved athletic practices or competitions, or large group gatherings are occurring in the park; and

(g) Children younger than 12 years of age shall be accompanied by a responsible adult when launching model rockets in town parks.

(h) No rocket launches are permitted in the town riparian preserves.

The NAR Model Rocket Safety code can be found here:

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