Ok, I will not rub it in because I know that many of you just could not make the GHS launch for any number of good reasons but I must say that as far as I am concerned, I will be at that range again in the future!!! Talk about an open field!! Makes Rainbow Valley look like a small park. Miles of open, flat, dry lake bed, almost no wind until about 2 pm, almost no bugs, no critters that I heard of and almost no dust or dirt when the wind did pick up!! I was riding my quad around a bit and it kicked up almost no dust at all. But was I glad I had one there!! Sent up my big rocket for the day on Sundaymorning so high that I only saw it with the binoculars I had. Picked it up by sight again just before the main went off and had a good line on where it landed. Could just see the orange chute in the distance. Got on the quad and headed for it. For some reason, it seemed to get farther away the closer I got! When I finally got to it, I turned around and to my surprise, I was at least two miles from the flight line! At one point toward the end of the launch on Sunday, people were leaving their rockets where they landed so they could get some more flights in before the range closed, knowing that they could go right out and pick them up because they could still see where they were.
The group from the MARS club were terrific, everyone at the range kept Jack busy and I don’t know how many flights were flown but towards the end I saw a stack of flight cards that was at least four inches high!
I hope everyone who took pictures and videos there, sends them to Scott so that we can share them with others through the website. Personal emails through the Yahoo group would be great as well. My condolences to Jamie who had a beautiful launch of his level 3 attempt only to see the main separate from the body at apogee. DANG, you will just have to do it again!!! Same condolences go to Juan for a VERY specular launch failure but Jack at What’s Up Hobbies is working with him to at least replace the motor casing. Jack got dinged again on my flight as the CTI case I borrowed from him came out of my rocket with much pounding (thanks Bob H.) with a noticeable bulge at the forward end making that motor case unusable again. Model rockets were flying in between the HP launches and one new family that joined the club from one of the meetings at Tim’s place must have launched more than a dozen new rockets from the model rocket range, alone. It was very nice to see Moe there and he finally launched his beautiful UPS box rocket only to have some kind of failure which caused it to come in ballistic and split wide open from the impact! Brad sent up his big level three rocket again for a picture perfect flight which got many Wows from the crowd as it took to the skies. There are so many more stories from the launch and I hope others will add theirs for us all to read about. Especially Wayne and Sharon, as I got to see some of the amazing videos they got from their flights. Just beautiful!!
Thanks go to James for finding my wayward night rocket and if you left a roll of blue masking tape on the range, I will have it at the next meeting. Same goes to the flier who launched a nice looking Patriot Estes type rocket. It was found and I will have it at the next meeting as well.
A big thank you goes from me to all of our members who attended for keeping the launch safe, fun and making sure the range was as clean as how we got there. Being as we were on BLM land, sandwiched between some private plots, our taking care of the property will go a long way in allowing us to use it again.
That’s all I have for now!!
NAR 85416 L3
SSS President