As of this past weekend, Bay Area Rocketry has agreed to support the Spring Blast Event April 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2014! Mike has a great many kits from model rockets on up to High Power. His trailer is very interesting- he has kits bungeed to the ceiling of the trailer, as well as hanging on racks on the doors. His trailer is stuffed to overflowing with AeroTech products, and offers a nice discount on AeroTech motor reloads. Addionally, he stocks a fairly extensive line of Cesaroni cases and reloads.

Mike additionally commented that if we want to give him a group buy order with at least a 10 day lead time, he can fill it and have Aertech drop-ship it to the Valley prior to the launch, saving significant transportation cost. Drop us a line using the contact form if you’d like to order motors through BAR and we will coordinate the buy. An order should be put together and finalized about 15 days prior to the launch, or about April 13th.