Airfield Waiver 2018

The FAA has renewed our Salome Airfield Waiver with an improvement. We now have the ability to schedule launches any day of the week. If you have a special need, please contact a member of the BoD at least 3 weeks in advance to coordinate a special activity.


Standing waiver is still 10K with call-in’s to 16K.


We’re still working on alternate sites closer to town. Our bid for two sites in Rainbow Valley and one near Maricopa were turned down due, in part, to increased Air Force activity, and a general realignment of commercial traffic. We’re still working on it, and have a direct line to a very helpful individual at the FAA now, so if you have coordinates, please don’t hesitate to share them and we can see what we can do.


The site near Maricopa was to have running water bathrooms and joint operations with SARA. We learned two main things from the members when we sent out the last survey: Closer Site and Better Bathrooms, so we are working on it!

Update: We are looking out near Arizona City for closer sites.

Happy Flying

Chris Choffat