2014 Board Election Results

Fellow members,

2013 has proved to have been quite a year with a lot of challenges, but there has been a lot of good news lately and some serious progress that has been made on almost all fronts. As crazy as it may sound, we may end up on the plus side of all the issues we’ve been dealing with by the time all is said and done and in great shape to move forward with continued improvements in the year to come.

If there is a single theme here in all this it’s “relationships“. The take away and lesson we should have all learned from this past year is how important relationships are to the survival and prosperity of our club. There is a direct correlation between the quality of our relationships – both as an organization and individually – and the collective and personal benefits we get and can hang on to. The bottom line is that the more we put into the relationships we have with our landowners (like Newland), partners (like Orbital), our hosts (like Challenger Center, Hobby Bench, and Palmas Del Sol), sister clubs (like MARS), vendors (like Jack), and one another, the better off we will be and the more fun we are likely to have. The Board just elected I’m sure will continue this process, but it is something we all need to work on collectively.

The results from the elections are in and I think it’s safe to say that the club has been placed in some very capable hands for 2014 and I’m pretty excited by the prospects of what this can hold for all of us. The officers are as follows:


Vice President:            

Secretary:                    Ken Sparks


NAR Advisor:               Guy Smith

Member-at-Large:         Geoffrey Kerbel

Added to the list of non-voting members who hold positions is Al Appleby who has volunteered to stay on as the Boy Scout Liaison.

Both new and old Boards will be meeting tomorrow night, Monday, November 4, 2013 at the Sizzler in Peoria at 7pm.

By the way, if you don’t know Brad all that well, go take a look at his website, www.therocketdoc.com – this is probably the best introduction you can get to our incoming president.

One final note; We hope to hear from Newland about the Rainbow Valley property very shortly. We will keep you all posted as news on this front develops. Be patient and hope for the best.

Make a point of finding a way to help in the coming year. Brad and the Board will be looking for all of us to contribute whatever we can to help make things better for all of us. There will be lots of opportunities to help – be sure to do your part. Remember, it’s the quality of our relationships that make the difference. Like the old programmer’s axiom goes, “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Let’s all give the incoming board all the support we can, and if you have nothing else to give, be positive.


Tim Bongard, 2013 Secretary